• What is shared ownership?
    Answer: Shared ownership is a special type of ownership where two or more persons jointly buy and own a product.
    This type of ownership is highly being appreciated in first world countries, but it is very new in Bangladesh.
  • What is the main benefit of Shared Ownership?
    Answer: The scope of ‘buying as much as we require’ is the main benefit of Shared Ownership. For example, we may need a flat in Dhaka for 365 days each year. But we don’t need a studio flat or hotel suite in Cox’s Bazar for 365 days. If we require a few days or weeks to stay in Cox’s Bazar throughout the whole year, why we should buy a flat/suite for the whole year? If we want to buy as much as we require, we can’t do that under usual buying system. Shared Ownership gives us that opportunity. Therefore, with a very small investment, we can ensure to stay in our own hotel, as well as earn a handsome interest less profit.
  • How many people can be shared owner of a suite in HERITAGE Skyline?
    Answer: In HERITAGE Skyline, 1 to 12 persons can be a shared owner of a suite.
  • How many days I can stay in a year for such ownership?
    30 days and 30 nights (each year).
  • How long I will have ownership right?
    Answer: The right is forever.
  • May I buy more than one slot?
    Answer: Yes.
  • How I’ll rent my space?
    Answer: The hotel management company will take care of that; you don’t need to rent your space by yourself.
  • Can I sell my ownership?
    Answer: Yes. You can sell your ownership anytime.
  • Can I gift it to someone?
    Answer: Yes. You can buy the ‘shared ownership gift certificate’ and gift it to your beloved one. In such case that person will get ownership the property.
  • Can I donate this to any School, Mosque, Charity organization or Scholarship fund so that they can get benefit from this?
    Answer: Yes. You can buy the ‘shared ownership donation certificate’ and gift it to your nominated organization/institution. In such case that organization/institution will get the ownership right. So, the organization will automatically get profit from that ownership.
  • Where I have to go to confirm my slot/slots and make the payment?
    Answer: You can confirm your payment to any offices of Coral Reef Properties Ltd. Presently there are four (04) such offices: (1) Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka  (2) Agrabad, Chittagong (3)Cox’s Bazar. Beside those offices, you also can make it to any branches of Islami Bank and South-East Bank of Bangladesh.