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Far from the Madding Crowd

Welcome to Sands Bay!

A piece of nature in the most pristine state. The biggest seaside resort in the country-sprawled out over 60 bigha in Inani, Cox’s Bazar. A secure space where a weary soul is reborn, as birds serenade it, surrounded by the sound of wind
in the trees and rustling of leaves. Harmony comes in the form of a school of fish passing by in the rippling water of
a picturesque lake. And for those who crave other forms of entertainment, there’s that too.

This eco-friendly project, designed by the renowned architect Sheikh Ahsan Ullah Mojumder, will be powered by alternative energy. There will be no nightmares involving traffic. Gifts of nature will be enhanced, manicured and supplemented-like leafy trees creating a barrier from the outside world and an environment that welcomes you.

This could be the best investment of your lifetime.

Pearl :There will be 12 Pearls waiting to be picked. Each will boast 13.4 Katha space and will accommodate a 5669 sq ft lavish villa.
Star: Spread over 7.2 katha and accommodating a 3027 sq ft restful villa, each of the 66 Stars will surely by enticing.
Shell: Each of the 60 Shells will take up 5.4 katha and accommodate a 2277 sq ft quaint villa.