About Us


Coral Reef Properties Ltd. (CRPL) is the market leader in high-end real estate at Cox’s bazaar. Our projects are characterized by their innovative planning & design solutions.

Each project is executed with meticulous detail and tremendous precision by our dynamic design team. Our consultants are handpicked from the very best in the city. We continuously employ people who have fresh ideas and think outside the box.

As a real estate development company, Coral Reef Properties Ltd. (CRPL) has acquired an outstanding reputation by creating the best 5 star standard hotels, commercial and residential buildings at Cox’s bazaar.

The unique features of our properties ensure investors a sound and valuable venture. By offering facilities and services not provided by other companies, Coral Reef Properties Ltd. is the obvious choice for high-end residential and commercial solutions.

Our unmatched quality and reputation guarantee highest sustainable rental incomes for potential investors.



Hallmark of Excellence….
  • Innovative planning and design solution
  • Leadership and Initiative
  • Best business practices
  • Best services to the valuable clients
  • Teamwork by fostering trust and recognition.
  • Environmental and social responsibilities




We closely monitor our projects from the very beginning and even after construction is completed. Over the last 8 years, our relentless pursuit for quality has led to many of the product innovations seen in Cox’s Bazar’s real estate, such as first ever air-conditioned along with escalator, lift, fare surface building structure and green commercial building at main road at Cox’s Bazar.

Beyond our product innovations, Coral Reef is proud of pioneering the “Shared Ownership” concept which is completely different process in the real estate.

Design Excellence

Stylish projects of Coral Reef Properties combine the latest features with design innovations and new technologies for a greener product and a more sustainable environment.


To consolidate this knowledge and to perpetuate this design method, we created our design and development team – a talented group of architects, engineers and design technologists.

Building on our solid foundations of core design concerns – functionality, durability, comfort and safety – we aim to reduce the environmental impact of construction.


 We are capable to meet the stipulated time frame that everyone calls Commitment.

Some of the factor that makes us capable- Finest quality of products

  • Strict quality control for highest standard and fabric inspection
  • Equipped with modern equipments.
  • Customization as per clients requirement
  • There are no difference between DREAM and REALITY.
  • We deliver what we said.

That is why; we are the most preferred business partner to our clients.



 Quality and Commitment first and Services are the logical elements of them.



Here at Coral Reef, we give great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Coral Reef undertakes business activities which benefit not only our company and our clients, but also the economy, the society that we live in and our surrounding environment simultaneously.

The idea behind Corporate Social Responsibility is to create a framework that encourages responsible behavior by businesses, and Coral Reef Properties Ltd. intends to adhere to this ideology.

We strive to keep social progress, protection of the environment and careful use of natural resources at the forefront when determining our business objectives, so that a superior standard of living is ensured for present and future generations.